Jadeveon Clowney is causing a lot of heartache right now. Gamecock and Clemson fans alike are waiting the choice from the #1 ranked player in the nation. Valentine's Day is a few days away but everyone is reading into every bit of detail that's leaking out and one fanbase is probably happier than the other.

Here's an update on the latest with Clowney:

Jadeveon Clowney is still set for a 10:15 am announcement Monday morning. It was thought that ESPN would be there to broadcast the announcement as they appeared to be part of the equation for the delay in his announcement. Well PalmettoSports.com has report mentioning that an ESPN official says there are no plans right now to announce on one of their networks. Another interesting story to come from this is the fact that Clowney's coach, Bobby Carroll, says this will be a low-key affair with a small gathering of family, friends, and the media.

This seems a bit out of the ordinary considering the attention Clowney's recruitment has received right?

I don't think the type of announcement matters at this point. You would think this whole ordeal is spearheaded by the media with all the talk of delaying the announcement since he's a high profile recruit but what if Clowney just wasn't ready to decide or announce yet and needed a few more days? There's nothing wrong with that. He's been back and forth between ESPN, being filmed for a documentary, being a student, and playing basketball. It's a lot on the plate of a 17-year-old.

Both schools have a lot working in their favor but if you look at this objectively from the outside then Carolina is the best option. Right now they've got the better team, better conference, opportunity for early playing, and chance for a championship. Both schools have great facilites, fan base, and funds to support the programs. They both can afford a shot at the NFL. Clemson just seems they aren't ready to win now and that can help propel a star player like Clowney to the top of the draft boards quick. Exposure is a big part and that comes from winning and being in a high profile conference like the SEC that's on TV every single week.

Right now, I'm still in the belief that Clowney is a Gamecock. I think he's been one for awhile honestly. However, that doesn't mean Clemson is out of the running yet. They've got a way of working themselves into the mix with top talent and somehow finished a Top 10 recruiting class off a losing season. A lot of Gamecock fans have had their emotions run the table with all the high's and low's that come from this story. I've kept my beliefs that he'll be a Gamecock and I'll stick with that till he is or isn't.

We will know more on Valentine's Day and I'm sure we'll be reading every bit of info we can that will cause us all to lose some sleep over. Maybe we should just stay off the internet till about 10:30 am on Monday.