Forget National Signing Day.

Valentines Day will carry a special meaning for South Carolina, Clemson, and Alabama fans. This is the day that the #1 recruit in high school football is set to make his announcement on what school he will attend. There's been a lot of talk lately about visits, where he's leaning, etc. and this should catch you up to speed on all the Clowney talk from the last few days.

The first rumor that's been out lately was talk of Clowney taking an official visit to Florida State. FSU was a team that was consistently mentioned for Clowney for awhile but lately seemed to be out of the running. Well it looks like we won't have to worry about that visit for now. According to most, Clowney has no plans to take that official visit. I would say that Clowney is done with his official visits and will decide between USC, Clemson, and Alabama.

The next bit of information out there is a rumored visit to Clemson on February 12th for a basketball game against UNC. This would obviously be an unofficial visit but it still gives Clemson an opportunity to recruit Clowney in person. It'd be bad news if Clowney takes that visit and at this point it's a rumor. reported the visit will occur but as we've seen with Clowney he is prone to switching back and forth. Ellis Johnson from USC has been in contact the last few days as well and I'm sure USC is pushing for him to make a visit over the next week or so for a basketball game as well. USC plays Georgia on Saturday the 12th so that's a day to watch to see if Clowney goes anywhere. My take on all this is I think he's done with unofficial visits too. I don't think there is anything a school can do at this point to convince him to come to their college.

The last bit of news was reported last night by that Clowney has a decision already made. This falls in line with what I just mentioned above. I think Clowney has known where he was going to go for several days now and it still seems to me that USC is the front-runner. They've been around for awhile recruiting this young man. They've got the same guys that's been recruiting him for the last few years while Clemson and Alabama are on new defensive line coaches. Granted Alabama picked up former Clemson coach Chris Rumph but now he's recruiting them for the Tide. One day he's all about Clemson and then a new job comes along and now he's recruiting for Alabama. He's been able to hear the same information from the same people at USC. I think this helps their case with Clowney. I believe he's going to stay close to home and I think his family is a huge part of the equation.

There ya go. It's the latest in The Clowney Watch and we're a mere 10 days away from a decision. The best is yet to come.