Every year there seems to be a guy that comes out of nowhere for South Carolina in the recruiting world that gives fans the hope that they'll land some top player that may be committed to another school. We've seen commitments change late with a lot of guys like Alshon Jeffery switching from Southern Cal to USC or even Leon Mackey recently with his ordeal from Virginia Tech to Clemson to USC. So the question now is will there be a Player X or a Player Y that everyone talks about in secret leading up to Signing Day?

The answer is no. There have been no talk of rumors about a mystical recruit that can leap tall buildings and run faster than a speeding bullet. We'll have to settle on waiting for the Final Four. The final four are as follows: Phillip Dukes, Jerrell Adams, Cedrick Cooper, and Jadeveon Clowney. These are the four players that will make their announcements known from this weekend till February 14th when Clowney announces. You can say Cooper is already a Gamecock commitment but his back and forth between us and Arkansas and his visit to Ole Miss still leaves this one up in the air in my opinion. Dukes and Adams are expected to announce the beginning of next week so those two will come off the board then. Clowney is waiting till his birthday on February 14th to announce a decision.

Is there a chance a guy could show up last minute? It's possible but normally by now the word has hit the message boards and there's been cryptic hidden messages that would leave you to believe USC is set to land a guy that hasn't been mentioned before. So if you are into recruiting I would put all my focus on these Final Four prospects that USC is after. These will be the guys that will add to USC's recruiting class for 2011 and can certainly increase the outlook for the future.

At this point I would say it's a realistic chance that all four will suit up for USC. Adams could be a non-qualifier and have to attend a prep school. Cooper has been told that USC will wait for him so he's got a spot right now. The numbers are extremely tight and some current commitments may have a grayshirt offer on the table where they would enroll in January and count towards the 2012 class. We'll have to see what kind of magic USC uses to make all these pieces fit together.

Don't start worrying about Clowney losing his spot. I'm pretty sure it's guaranteed.