South Carolina has worked out the numbers situation with their commitments. No more worries about how things will work with all the commitments they have received for the 2011 recruiting class. There are two recruits who won't plan on signing with the Gamecocks on Wednesday. If you take these two players off the board it gives USC the right amount of numbers to allow for a letter of intent to be sent to Clowney for tomorrow and sign 27 other players. Find out who these two players are after the break.

Lorenzo Mauldin and Jordan Montgomery are the two players who won't be signing their letter of intent with South Carolina. This has apparently been in the works for awhile now. Both players have academic concerns but according to Scott Hood at Gamecock Central they remain committed to South Carolina and plan on enrolling the future. Mauldin has an interesting story as it was posted on a message board about how he was basically an orphan and a ward of the state of Georgia and how he's working diligently towards getting his standardized test score. His mother isn't around and his father is not an option for this young man either. He's certainly someone you want to root for and this was a guy who decided to stick it out with Carolina instead of signing with Troy.

Montgomery has similar academic issues and he along with Mauldin will most likely be placed at prep school by the Gamecocks in the fall. They normally work closely with Fork Union Military Academy so expect the players to be at the school in the fall and enroll at USC in January of 2012.Miami turned down home state Miami after a late push from new coach Al Golden and could benefit greatly from prep school.

This isn't the best news for these recruits but it helps the Gamecocks out tremendously and they've done a fantastic job of selling these two young men on the University of South Carolina. Let's all hope the academic situation works itself out this fall and we see the players in the near future.