This is a pretty funny story when you get down to it. The Georgia Bulldogs routinely give out a plaque to all their seniors on the team at the annual awards gala that the program has to honor the football season. This year the plaque included the record of 7-6. There is one problem with it.

Georgia finished at 6-7.

The Bulldogs lost to the University of Central Florida in the Autozone Liberty Bowl 10-6 thus ending the season at 6-7. Now the plaques included a bowl game victory that never happened. The university says it always adds the bowl game to the plaques and have had to retrieve them before. Sure...way to save face UGA!

If I were the university, I think I would wait till after the bowl game to finalize any sort of plaque that could be affected by the bowl game. I'm sure UGA thought they would win the game. Heck most people probably did but UCF played a tough game and came away victorious. It just left the Bulldogs with a little egg on their face.