ESPN's Chris Mortenson said today that new Florida offensive coordinator Charlie Weis took the job at Florida to get himself in line to be the next head coach at the University of South Carolina. Weis previously coached at USC decades ago and Mortenson said that Weis got back into the SEC in order to become a head coach at the university that helped jump start his career.

This is a pretty interesting statement and one to think about. Charlie Weis wasn't too successful in his stint at Notre Dame and was fired after his 4th season there. He's known as an offensive mind and has been responsible for great offenses in the NFL at the New England Patriots and the Kansas City Chiefs. Weis will start working for Florida once the Kansas City Chiefs are knocked out of the NFL playoffs. Florida has assembled a who's who of NFL coaches and will look to return to the top of the SEC under first-year coach Will Muschamp. Charlie Weis will be the one responsible for the offense and he's got some talent in Gainesville. I think the main thing is to see how he gets along with his new boss and the other assistants on staff.

Is there any way this could happen? At this point no knows. Steve Spurrier says every time he's asked that he'd like to be here for 4-5 years. I think he's said that the last few years. He's certainly getting older but still seems enthusiastic about this job and will probably be here for at least that time frame. I think the only way he leaves early is if USC wins extremely big in the next few seasons. I could see him retiring if USC wins the SEC Championship and makes a BCS bowl game. Weis will have a few years to work his magic at Florida and he could become a name to watch out for in the future if Florida becomes impressive on offense again. The time line set up could work in Weis' favor but it also could for a few other coaches. Everyone loves to throw Jon Gruden's name out there as next head coach. There is always the Gary Patterson connection with current USC AD Eric Hyman, who worked at TCU before. Some people think the next head coach could be on staff between Ellis Johnson and GA Mangus. Spurrier could build this program into a proven winner and it would become more appealing for the next guy to come in and take over.

Right now, this doesn't excite me as a fan. I will need to hold judgement and see if Weis can perform in the SEC before going full out and saying I would support this.

I'm sure this will give some Carolina fans an extra reason to watch the Florida Gators in 2011. After all, they could have our next head coach.