Michigan's head coach Rich Rodriguez was once a hot commodity. This is a guy who reportedly accepted the head coaching position at Alabama before turning it down and heading to Michigan. Alabama ended up with Nick Saban and Michigan got Rodriguez. I wonder who did better here?

There were reports out of Michigan today that Rodriguez was having internal meetings with the athletic director about his job at 2:00 pm and a players meeting was scheduled for 7:00 pm. Of course the Internet scoops every story and leaks of Rodriguez being fired hit all over the Internet. Rodriguez has not had the kind of tenure at Michigan people expected after the legendary Lloyd Carr retired. Rodriguez brought in the highly popular spread offense and has gone 15-22 including his only bowl appearance at Michigan just days ago in the Gator Bowl. His offense has progressed nicely through the years with Denard Robinson creating a splash across college football. A bit different than the standard Big 10 power football but it worked. His problem has been his defense. This year his team was ranked 99th in points allowed and 112th in yards allowed. This is clearly unacceptable for a program of Michigan's level and this alone is the reason for the Rodriguez being fired talk.

It really sounds like Michigan will be without a head coach tomorrow afternoon if it's not already happened. Plenty of reports have it being done but others are reporting that meetings have been backed up to tomorrow. Michigan would love to have Jim Harbaugh on the sidelines next year but his talents may end up at San Francisco in the NFL. If that happens then Les Miles becomes the next target. He was heavily involved the last time the job was open but stayed at LSU. I honestly believe LSU is a better program right now and Miles would be foolish to leave. Michigan might end up being better off keeping Rodriguez one more year to see if he can turn things around if these other guys are unavailable.

Michigan is still a name school that will have the money and talent to win big time college football games. The main question is can they find the right guy to do it.