CBS Crowns South Carolina’s 2019 Football Schedule as Toughest in The SEC

CBS Announces South Carolina Has The Toughest Schedule in The SEC

There has been a lot of arguing as to who has the toughest schedule in the SEC for the 2019 football season. Some argued that Auburn and Texas A&M had the two toughest schedules in the SEC. I mean, who could have a tougher one? Both teams have to play Bama, Auburn plays Georgia, and A&M plays Clemson. Now imagine both of these schedules combined into one. That is what South Carolina will face in 2019.

South Carolina’s 2019 football schedule included a week three game against Bama, a game against a Florida team that finished top ten in 2018, Georgia who will likely finish top 10, Texas A&M who has a very good chance at finishing top 10, and Clemson. This onslaught makes South Carolina’s football schedule the toughest in the SEC and very likely the toughest in the entire country. In addition to playing all the top teams in the SEC and the top team from the ACC, South Carolina also plays North Carolina and Appalachian State. These are tough games compared to most schools’ annual games against Western Carolina and Wofford. The only game that will give South Carolina fans a breather is the week two game against Charleston Southern.

CBS Announces South Carolina Has The Toughest Schedule in The SEC

South Carolina fans have been quiet this off season as they are looking down the barrel of what some have called the toughest schedule in college football. Many fans have made it clear that they would be happy with five or six wins next season. Others have set the bar high and made the statement “win anyway.” It will be a tough season for sure but sometimes adversity brings out the best in a team.

It will be interesting to see how other outlets start to talk about South Carolina’s schedule as the season creeps closer! Under 100 days until the silence of the lambs in Charlotte!


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