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Welcome to Life of a Gamecock! We are excited to launch this website and keep fans of the South Carolina Gamecocks up to date. First things first, I will share a little backstory behind this blog.

Williams Brice Stadium

The Problem With Sports Journalism Today

Life of a Gamecock was founded to provide a source of content that is not covered by big name outlets. As a former student and former employee within the athletic program at South Carolina, I found that information being shared with the fans was either obvious or often times false. It is frustrating to see a fan base be misled by the media. So I have set out to change the way fans keep up with the team.

Instead of writing long and agonizing articles that basically just reword everything coaches say in post game/practice press conferences, our team is going to provide information that gives fans a glimpse of what is really happening. We have assembled a team of informants on campus that have access to information that would otherwise be uncovered by the journalists that sit back and copy what coaches say in press conference word for word.

How Life of a Gamecock is Different

Life of a Gamecock is going to change the way South Carolina fans keep up with the teams. Most sports blogs, newspapers, or magazines have writers who form their opinion and make their assumptions based on information that is readily available to the average joe. Writers at Life of a Gamecock have access to information that is not readily available to the average journalist. We have informants and writers who work with the teams and are on campus with the players every day who provide updates that no big name outlet is going to have access too.

All of our writers have had some direct experience with the University of South Carolina Gamecocks athletic program and actually know how everything works. Why listen to a podcast from a guy who might go to two or three home games a year when you can read articles written by someone who literally has access to the entire athletic program.

If you want information about the South Carolina Gamecocks that you won’t find anywhere else, Life of a Gamecock should be your new go to blog for all things USC.

Go Cocks!

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