With Loss To Mississippi State We Can Rule Out The NCAA Tournament

The game yesterday against Mississippi State started as well as it possibly could have. In the first ten minutes of game time the gamecocks held the Bulldogs to only four points. At the end of the first half however, MSU cut the lead down to 6 which built them enough momentum to run away with the second half.

In the end the Gamecocks lost by 15. So what does this mean for South Carolina’s odds of making the NCAA Tournament?

Can The South Carolina Gamecocks Still Make the NCAA Tournament? Is it Possible?

When it comes to South Carolina’s NCAA tourney goal there is not much else that can be done to change the fact that our odds are extremely low.

The win against ole miss last week was a big step in the right direction and a win against MSU would have been a leap in the right direction. Unfortunately the win against MSU didn’t happen and now the Gamecocks odds to make the NCAA Tournament are back to where they were before they started the conference schedule… Almost zero.

Can South Carolina Still Make The NIT?

With the NCAA tourney out of reach gamecocks fans can still hope for some postseason action in the NIT. This tourney is not nearly as glamorous or hype as the NCAA tournament but it’s better than the season ending after the SEC Tournament.

The odds of the gamecocks making the NIT are very high which is good news for fans and the athletes. The NIT will give our young players a little taste of tournament style play so when the Gamecocks find their way into the NCAA tournament next year players like AJ Lawson and Keyshawn Bryant will be nice and comfortable and ready to make a run.

Go Cocks!

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