Do The South Carolina Gamecock Football Players Get a Summer Break?

For most college students summer means relaxation and a break from strenuous coursework. The majority of college students enjoy a break from mid May until mid August. Plenty of time to unwind, travel, and catch a breath. Summer is a little different for most Division 1 college football players.

Do South Carolina football Players Have a Break in the Summer?

Typically college football players have spring conditioning that runs through May. After spring ball there is some down time. Some players hang around the facility for a few more weeks to get some workouts done on their own time. By mid June the players at South Carolina have a break that extends until fall camp at the end of July. Many players opt to take summer classes and stay in the Columbia area through the summer, making a few trips to their hometowns when they can.

Do The South Carolina Gamecock Football Players Get a Summer Break?

the players have a lot of down time in the summer. Some spend their days relaxing in their apartments while others go to the pool or the lake to take a dip. One of the most popular past times is playing video games. Almost everyone on the team plays madden 20 on a regular basis. A lot of players play games on their mobile phones too. It is not uncommon to find players arguing about which Jelly Shift levels they are on.

Do South Carolina Football Players Get Summer Jobs?

In rare cases players get jobs during the summer. South Carolina starting running back Rico Dowdle actually works at the Bojangles on Bluff road in his down time. If you visit during the off season you might have your chicken served by Rico himself. The lives of these student athletes are very interesting to say the least.

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